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There are nice places, great places and there's the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Port de Sóller: the one-and-only place to celebrate the breathtaking sight of the Port de Sollér Bay and the Tramuntana Mountains. Relaxing at the pool or enjoying one of our many restaurants – it all comes with a view. So does your room with its spacious balcony. Your private retreat to relax amidst the most fascinating nature. And should you feel the urge to mingle with people: beach and promenade are just a stone's throw from here.


It's just fair to lend a line from the famous 60s "Hair"-Musical to talk about the BIKINI Style. Because you'll sense the colorful spirit of the californian hippie-movement everywhere. And no need to say: the sun shines in any way.

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Inspirations & Vibrations

Port de Sóller, with its romantic harbor bay, is a gem among Majorca's places. The picturesque seaside village nestled between the sea, lush orange, lemon and olive groves and the Tramuntana mountains offers plenty of possibilities for everybody’s taste. Stroll along the streets, watch the day go by in one of the many cafes on the harbor promenade or just enjoy your day on the beach - you will feel free and relaxed. For those looking for more action, the Tramuntana Mountains offer great trails and mountain bike trails, the Son Termens golf course impresses with spectacular tees and is a real insider tip. The sheltered bay offers great opportunities for swimming or stand up paddling.


Mallorca is an island packed with fantastic restaurants and bars. We are very happy to add two more hotspots to that. Both are located at the BIKINI. Because we believe that a special hotel deserves special food and drinks as well.

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