A trip with the Mallorca Wine Express

"Water is for the frogs," says a Mallorquin quote. The islanders are in love with their wine, take it already with the mother's milk and can justifiably be proud of the fine drops. In Santa Maria del Cami, the "wine capital", a tourist train takes gourmets through the vast fields, stops for several tastings and, at the beginning, looks behind the scenes.

It was the ancient Romans who made Mallorca win the wine. When they took over the fertile island more than 1,000 years ago there was nothing missing ... except wine. So, they taught the farmers to make the delicious drink from grapes. The locals were enterprising and grew even after the end of the Roman occupation to one of the most important wine producers in Europe.

But then came the louse, the terrible phylloxera, and destroyed first all the vines on the mainland and a few years later on Mallorca.

Time out for getting wine world champion! Almond trees have been planted and what delight us today during flowering in the spring have once been huge vineyards.

With tourism the interest for good wine came back. Old grape varieties that had survived the plague in some corner of the island were now worth gold. And so, over the last few decades, Majorcan wines have regained their importance, winning international prizes and, important for most people, are simply delicious ...

Find out more about the history of wine production in Mallorca during a 3-hour trip with the Wine Express in the outskirts of Santa Maria del Cami. Taste different kinds of wines at the Bodega Macia Batle, where the gourmet journey begins, then go on for an olive oil tasting in a rustic country estate and finally, get some snacks in the midst of the grapevines… of course with a glass of wine.


Santa Maria del Cami can be reached in 30 minutes by rental car from the Bikini Hotel. Numerous large and small bodegas are located around the wine village. The wine express starts at Bodega Macia Batle. There are some more tours offered by tour operators.

P.S .: Mallorquin wines taste even better in Bikini. If you don't feel like the stress, you can try a Macia Batle in our hotel. New on the menu this year: Macia Batle Blanc de Blancs, Prensal Blanc / Chardonnay / Moscatel.

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