A wet trip to the pirate´s cave

Stalagmites, stalactites, crystal clear freshwater lakes and dolphins on the east coast of Mallorca

This is a Hollywood-ripe adventure and dwarfs Indy. You need to snorkel, swim, climb and be a bit crazy to discover the pirate´s cave at Porto Colom. But you will be rewarded with an untouched world that you have never seen before. The guided adventure starts in Porto Colom and takes about 3 hours. Pack your bikini for taking a swim on the way back!

Forget Jones´hallmarks felt hat and whip, all you need on this tour are wetsuit and snorkel lamp! A speed boat takes you to a flushed cave entrance somewhere in the no-man's-land of the east coast.

Let's go and find the secret entrance! Snorkel through the passageway at the end of the cave and you're in another world. You won´t find historical treasures but real natural wonders. It takes about an hour to walk through the cave, climb and swim through the crystal-clear lakes. Take care of the traps: stalagmites lurk in the water from below and stalactites are hanging from above like floating swords. If your lamp fails there are 2 possibilities: You find your way back in the dark (probably rather impossible) or you fall into madness.

Fear? Oh nonsense, Indiana Jones always survived....

You need more thrill? Climb onto one of the stalagmites in the middle of the lake, lights off and jump into the darkness ....

If you have saved the world and had been rewarded with a kiss- as movie-like Indy - it´s time to return, stop for a swim and maybe there are some greetings from Flipper....

The guided tour can be booked with East Coast Divers Mallorca in Porto Colom. Anja and Michael are professional adventurers, just trust them.


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