Get the mountain jersey on 497 meters altitude

You are a hard person and in good condition. You are a Vuelta a Espana fan and you really want to conquer a mountain pass. Let's get started with the Coll de Soller.

The low-traffic serpentine road with 36 curves on 6.8 kilometers leads „normal“ cyclists in about 40 minutes to the highest point with the restaurant Dalt des Coll. After a refreshment with a fantastic view you simply roll back. Plan 2 hours plus breaks for the entire distance of 26 kilometers from/to Bikini Hotel.

Rule number 1: Don´t get stressed by professionals who train on the pass every day. Go easy and find your own speed.

Rule number 2: Head up and enjoy the scenery! Too bad, many racing cyclists do only go for the best time but miss amazing views.

Start easy from the harbour to Soller and follow the main road out of the Orange Valley towards Palma. After approx. 2 km, the Coll de Sóller begins on the left, while the main road leads through the tunnel. Only a few cars, mostly tourists, take the beautiful detour over the pass.6.8 kilometers uphill with 5-7 percent slope await you. Initially, there are longer sections between the sharp turns but soon, one serpentine follows the other.

Push yourself, ignore those crazy time-pressured racing cyclists and simply enjoy your own triumph. At 497 meters altitude, you finally set off the bike, take a deep breath, get ready for a selfie and enjoy the fantastic view to the south. A light snack at the restaurant prepares you for the downhill way back.

It´s so much fun to race the serpentines but do not forget rule number 2: Enjoy the scenery and the fantastic view of the highest mountain in Mallorca, the Puig Major.

PS: Longing for more mountains, more passes and even more switchbacks? Then attack the Cobra - Sa Calobra is waiting for you!

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