Hiking is old-fashioned? Let yourself be convinced of the opposite.

3 hours for 10 kilometers up and down. The ideal beginner´s hike with a fantastic view of Port Soller.

Hiking is something for grandma and grandpa. Does not strain, is boring and old-fashioned ... Do you think so? Then, climb the path from Port Sóller to Gran Muleta. That's where the calves burn. And the super-fashioned picnic at Finca Muleta de Ca S'Hereu is the best social media motive. Let´s go, we'll take you for a beginner´s hike!

It starts along the beach (on the way back you get your swim) via S'Horta to the end of the village, until the entrance to the GR221 long-distance hiking trail is reached. Too easy? Then get ready for the ascent.

A small path winds up the mountain towards Refugi de Muleta. On the right side you have an amazing view towards the harbor, sheep are grazing on the left and behind you the impressive Tramuntana mountains rise.

Need a break? Then strengthen yourself in the garden of Finca Muleta de Ca S'Hereu. You are almost on top anyway .....

But the descent is easy peasy either. You have to be firm and focused when approaching the lighthouse. Stop for a sea view selfie and tell the world that you have become a confident hiker.

Once you reach the lighthouse, the hiking part has been done. Just stroll down to the village and take a swim at the beach.

And let's be honest: Mallorca in a nutshell in 3 hours - smell, see, taste, touch - you won´t get it nowhere else but with the backpack on your back.

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