The sleeping dragon in Sant Elm

This tour is full of adventures that fit easily in one day: dinghy ride, hiking, feasting, bathing and pampering the skin with natural mud. Where? In the southwest of Mallorca - where the Tramuntana mountains kiss the sea and the bays are protected by a monster.

A speedy 20 minutes dinghy ride takes you from Puerto de Andratx to Sant Elm - from glitz and glamor to quaint and romantic. Enjoy the wind blowing through your hair and keep the sleeping dragon - as the island Dragonera is called - well at distance. The monster is protecting the coastline, watching for pirates but mostly relaxing…

Did you know that Mallorca had been an island of pirates some hundred years ago? The tiny bays on the rocky West Coast had been perfect to hide treasures and even smuggle slaves. Scary? No, let´s discover one of these bays but take care of the dragon, never wake him up!

Cala en Basset is not any pirates´ bay but one of the best natural wellness areas. The Cala is reachable within 40 minutes hike from the anchorage, below the ancient watch tower Torre de Cala en Basset, which is worth a detour on the way back to spot the sleeping monster and dolphins.

Once at the stony bay, put bikini and diving goggles on, jump into the sea and bring some water to moisten the red clay walls... e voila .... You have the best remedy for soft skin. Top on your wet body, dry in the sun and rinse it off in the sea. Soft skin like a baby!

Feeling hungry after a day of adventure, danger and wellness? It´s time for the pirates´ feast: At La Cocotte you get the best fish stew on the island, sitting in the shadow of a rubber tree and always having a scrutinizing look to the sleeping monster... that´s wellness holidays in Mallorca!

By the way, if you are very careful you can tickle the dragon on your back. But this is another adventure for next time…

To get back to Puerto de Andratx, choose one of three options: pirates take the taxi boat, landlubbers the bus and moving junkies walk over the pass – a 3 hours hike with untouched landscape, wild goats and fantastic sea view.

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