Prove your courage while diving with sharks and stingrays

Prove your courage while diving with sharks and stingrays

Visiting the aquarium? This is something for kids and families ... No, we will show you the thrill!

In addition to squid, perch & Co. the Palma Aquarium is also home of sharks and stingrays. They are not swimming in any tank but the deepest in Europe. Space enough for courageous divers.

Bear in mind: you step into a pool with 6 sand tiger sharks, 4 sand bank sharks and numerous stingrays that have not yet been fed. And no, the stingray was not removed from the highly poisonous sting. Even if you feel like Brody (the police chief from Steven Spielberg´s "Jaws"), you are guaranteed to get weak knees.

Simple rules: Never go on confrontation with a shark. In an emergency, hit the muzzle. Do not sit on a stingray.

Let´s go into the water. Entry is at the top where the shark fins circle around your feet. So, courage, glasses on, regulators in the mouth and veeerrry inconspicuous dip into the territory of the sharks. Remember the rules? Oh yes, sharks have right of way and stingrays are not good pillows. This proves to be more difficult than said when a dozen curious water planes buzz around you and hungry giants with motionless mine go for confrontation.

Take a short break behind the rock, use cover from the back and then swim into the crosshairs of the predatory fish: On top of the stone you are eye to eye or tooth to tooth with the sharks, you can almost touch them. And at some point you are part of their territory, gliding gently through the deep blue and following your instincts ... feeling hungry ....

Time for brunch in the aquarium cafe, touch some koi in the outdoor pool and admire Napoleon fish ... so your adventure day comes to an end.

For the adventure in the shark tank you need nothing more than a diving license and courage. You will receive equipment and instruction from your guide who will jump into the pool with you. The dive is about 45 minutes long and is available on request in the mornings. Afterwards you can spend the whole day in the aquarium's vast grounds, get to know the underwater world of the Mediterranean, the Amazon and the Pacific and dream in lounging cushions in front of the impressive pools.

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