Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Es Trenc

It is no secret that Mallorca is not only very beautiful in the west, at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains in Port de Sóller. The very south is magnificent too, particulary in the lively town Colònia de Sant Jordi, at the almost Caribbean, long beach Es Trenc. Now take a wild guess where the wonderful Mallorcan alternative to Bikini Port de Sóller in 2024 be found! And because Bikini Port de Sóller has turned out so beautifully, we have once again teamed up with Studio DREIMETA - the award-winning magicians who continually reinvent our vision and make each location a distinctive and unique Bikini Hotel.

Bikini Es Trenc. Completely different and yet Bikini.

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Es Trenc will be 100% Bikini and yet completely different from Bikini Port de Sóller: Right on Es Trenc beach we will awaken three existing buildings resting in an overgrown garden, from their beauty sleep. The garden and the structures, are being renovated, refurbished, decorated, furnished, and reinvented, with great love for the great Mallorquin context and with devotion to the smallest individual detail. We are weeding, repotting cacti and planting palm trees.

Warm colors in shades of sun and earth, and soft, natural light will soothe mind and soul and flatter your complexion. Natural, materials and local handcrafted fabrics, woods and terracotta will be a delight to the sense of touch. And when we're done (summer 2024), you'll be able to chill in soft cushions throughout the house, you will read, listen to music, or even play yourself.

Colònia de Sant Jordi & Es Trenc

Colònia de Sant Jordi at the southernmost tip of Mallorca was once a poor little fishing village. Today, it's a lively, unspoiled town of 3,000 people with plenty to offer for civilized slacking: a gorgeous promenade, a fishing port harbouring an abundance of charming restaurants, and plenty of shopping options, too. St. Jordi enjoys being loved by people who are a bit Mallorcan themselves and like to take it muy tranquilo.


Together with our local experts and guides, we have put together a selection of experiences we think you will love. Take a look around or get advice during your stay with us.

If life is a drug then we are addicted

The Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Es Trenc is a place to get together with friends, to relax, to enjoy, and to celebrate. We also pride ourselves on providing our guests with great experiences! Take a look at the events & happenings inside and outside our hotel to see what’s planned:


A friendly hello from
the sunny beach of Es Trenc, Mallorca

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Es Trenc
Carrer Esmeragda, 6
07638 Colònia de Sant Jordi, Illes Balears