Coastal ride, Chopin & potato cake

What´s your training level? Do you master 900 meters of altitude and 42 kilometers as a coastal ride on a racing bike or do you prefer the blue pill for calf-thin connoisseurs (we love e-bike)?

No matter how, one and a half hours each way you should plan in any case, because this part of the West Coast Road is undoubtedly the most beautiful and always leads you above the coast, with a fantastic view and one of the most quaint bakeries as a stop at the destination.

Warm-up your calves on the plain road to Sóller and follow the West Coast serpentines uphill towards Deia. On your way do not cold-shoulder the tiny urbanization Llucalcari on your right - The few but pretty fincas facing the deep blue sea are amongst the most photographed motif in Mallorca. So, stop for a while, take a selfie and go on.
The artist village Deia is your next stopp- ideal to replenish your water supplies: Just before leaving the village on the left, a mountain stream roars towards the sea. If you feel like then pay a short visit to the church in the center. If you straight continue, at least make a (coffee) stop in Son Marroig. Yes, even the long-distance racers should get off the bike and enjoy the fantastic view!

At the end of the 19th century, the Son Marroig estate was built as a residence for the Austrian Archduke Ludwig Salvador; one of the first foreign Mallorca residents who made money in the real estate business. He had some properties built, including today's holiday home of Michael Douglas, and constructed a network of hiking paths network in the mountains.

Got enough history? OK, let´s go on to Valldemossa, THE tourist magnet of the island. Not because of its beauty, which also, but rather because of its charterhouse in which Chopin spent a winter. Thousands of tourists pour into the mountain village but most miss the true treasures of Valldemossa: Coca de patata from the Can Molinas bakery.

Coca what? Coca de Patata is a delicately lightly sweet Mallorcan pastry made from potato flour sprinkled with powdered sugar and even better tasting when warm eaten. Enjoy your Coca de patata with a cafe con leche under orange trees in the garden of the bakery Can Molinas, a true veteran in Valldemossa and definitely the best place to try the local speciality!

Overindulged? Luckily, you go back downhill…..

There is something missing for the perfect bike holiday? We got it! Our detour tip to the sea: In Cala Deia, get your bikini on, cool off your calves in the waves and fuel for the way back.

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