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Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan are the sons of celebrity chef Haya Molcho. During a long night of good food and drink, the Molchos decided, without much thought and full of euphoria, to open a restaurant together. That night, they realized that they loved nothing more than a slightly chaotic gathering around a richly set table full of Israeli delicacies. And so, without further ado, Mother Molcho took the first letters of her sons' names and created a delicious name for the family's future little empire. Levantine cuisine is exactly Haya's thing. And ever since we first tasted this convivial Israeli eclectic, colorful, highly aromatic fusion of traditional and modern, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean in all its variations from meat to vegan, we have been absolute NENI fans!

With NENI Bikini has found a soul mate. The fun-loving Balagan style fits us like a flower in a hippie's hair. What could be better than indulging each other in an exuberant number of different dishes and tastes and exciting flavors. Tasting everything and always remaining curious for more. Not only about what's on the plate, but also about the person sitting at the table with us. Sharing a lively, joyful dining experience is right up our alley. After all, strangers are just friends we haven't met yet! To date, the Molchos have shared their love of Israeli food, lifestyle and culture through 12 NENI restaurants across Europe, two of which are located in Mallorca: the Bikini Hotel Port de Sóller and the Bikini Hotel Es Trenc.

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