Doing nothing!

We're German, and we always look to our national heroes for advice in difficult times. Jürgen Klinsmann hasn't given us much insight into COVID-19 so we'll have to make do with Goethe, who once wrote: "No man reaches his goals in isolation", and on first glance, that certainly rings true.

The last 16 weeks of isolation must surely be some of the strangest we've experienced in decades. Those, like us, who have been fortunate enough to come through this period relatively unscathed can pause and reflect with gratitude on whatever greater power has helped us through. We always think it's good to count your blessings at the best of times anyway. For example, when we're lying here by the pool, the fact is that we could be lying somewhere far less appealing. Like... in Benidorm! Which brings us back to Goethe. Whether you can reach your goals in isolation really depends on what your goal is. If it's relaxation, for example, then we'd have to disagree with him there. Isolation may well be one of the best ways to achieve relaxation, especially whilst on holiday! We're pretty sure that our guests see it the same way. Nobody's ever complained to us because they'd like more noise, overcrowding, partygoers and Europop anyway.

Of course, we don't mean to criticize anyone's desire to go on a package holiday, and we're aware that some people aren't happy alone and always like to be "doing something". They might find things a little tricky this year, because it's likely that no beach in the world will be brimming with the usual hustle and bustle. We're more of the opinion that it's not possible to do nothing. You're always doing something. Even chilling and being at peace with the world is an activity in itself. Admittedly, it may not look like much from the outside, but on the inside, it feels like something rather special.

Perhaps COVID-19, if it was good for anything at all, helped us with that. This period was a chance to do very little and even perhaps learn something new. In any case, we've spent the last few weeks getting ready to use the things we've learnt during lockdown and even to continue to develop them. And that brings us again to Goethe. He also said: "Solitude is fine when you are at peace with yourself and you have something definite to do."

We'd rather like to add that this "something definite" could be hiking in the Tramuntana mountain range without the crowds, enjoying the peaceful orange groves in Soller, lounging around on your balcony, or having a relaxed chat in the Pikkini Poolbar. Or even: doing nothing. There's all sorts on offer here.


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