Adventure tour with spectacular views

Medium demanding hike along the pilgrimage to Lluc | Approx. 500 meters high and 2.5 hours walking time on 1,932 pavement steps. 6 km way to the viewpoint and back.

The hike takes you through the most beautiful gorge of Mallorca to a spectacular viewpoint.

In the mood for adventure, wildlife watching and spectacular views? Then you have to be as fit as a fiddle! Thousands of stairs lead through the most beautiful gorge of Mallorca, the Barranc de Biniaraix, into the realm of the black vulture.

Yes, that's right - there are vultures up in the mountains. And not any. These birds, the largest in Europe, have a span of 3 meters! You want to see them? Put on the hiking boots, pack water and take the bikini with you. Bikini? Yepp! Because at almost 1,000 meters altitude you'll get sun tanned even better than by the pool!

Start your tour in Biniaraix at the old wash area and follows the signs to Barranc, L`Ofre and Lluc. The conical mountain in front of you is your goal, the gorge your challenge and the inner hog your opponent! Because you have to bite on the old pavement way up, but then you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the orange valley.

And do not panic if you see a mountain of bones. Our vultures are scavengers and do not pass on wandering tourists. These are just the remains of dead livestock - a small snack that Ranger bring to the birds.

Bad luck and no vultures seen? Visit the Vulture Foundation in Campanet. Here, flightless birds find a new home and provide vigorously for offspring.

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