Discover the culinary highlights of the Orange valley by mountain bike

Don´t hurry and take a full day for this moderately difficult tour which teaches you about the delicious highlights of the orange valley. Enjoy fantastic views of the Tramuntana Mountains and pampers your senses in the olive and orange groves.

A true pleasure for eyes, nose and palate!

Tour return via Sa Figuera: 21 kilometers, 2 hours

Start easily towards Soller, just follow the tram, pass the rural shopping street and go for the smell of fresh olive oil. Once you reach the source of the beguiling smell it´s time for the first stopp: the oil mill of Can Det. In autumn, the millstone runs at full speed, palm mats are traditionally coated with olive pulp and water separated from extra virgin oil. Just take a look inside and taste the liquid gold!

After this, continue to the village of Biniaraix, peacefully nestled between orange groves and massive mountains. At the former washing station your way leads you uphill into the olive groves before a small path on the left goes down to Fornalutx.

(Bear in mind, there is a sign behind the washing station saying that the street is closed for bikes - do not take it seriously ... Or just push and enjoy the view. The stairs down to Fornalutx are demanding but the view is worth the detour! Optional, take the road from Biniaraix to Fornalutx.)

Thirsty? The mountain village with its flower-decorated streets is blessed with fresh water from the mountains – re-fill your bottle - and rewarded to one of the most beautiful places in Spain. A good reason to take a longer break at the tiny main square below the church.

Take a rest at Cafe Can Benet which serves the best Pan amb Oli –a glass of wine, watching people passing by…that´s easy going holidays!

What´s „Pan amb oli“? Literally translated, it means bread with oil but is quite more and to be understood as a typical Mallorcan snack: unsalted white bread is briefly roasted, coated with tomatoes and garlic, richly doused with olive oil and optionally topped with ham or cheese. Simple but delicious!

Ready to return? Pass the football ground and a well-maneuverable trail back to Sóller.

Not exhausted yet? Go back via Sa Figuera. Longing for the sea? Simply follow the tram.

Uff, what a tour! It´s time to pamper your calves with cool waves and your stomach with a digestive aid: Bikini on, glass of Hierbas (local herbal liqueur) in your hand and relax!

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