Es Dolc - Lively beach life and wrecks

Suitable: For those looking for a perfect infrastructure and wreck divers

Location: Colonia Sant Jordi

Playa d'es Dolç, a tourist beach with excellent infrastructure, is located near the harbour of Colonia de San Jordi. This beautiful stretch of coast is correspondingly busy. But the further you walk away from the beach, the quieter it becomes. At some point you reach an area with rocks that separates Playa d'es Dolç from the next bay, Playa d'es Caragol.

Playa d'es Dolç is protected by several small islands. This makes the water nice and calm and invites you to swim. Between the islet of na Guardis and the beach, the remains of a merchant ship (at a depth of around 4 metres) and a Roman galley (at a depth of around 6 metres) can be found on the seabed. So don't forget your diving goggles!

Tip: If you are looking for a more quiet beach or you want to go on a beach hike, keep walking and visit 6 dream beaches in a row: Playa d'es Dolç, Platja d'es Caragol, Cala en Tugores, Platja Ses Roquetes, Playa des Carbo and Es Dofí. The further away, the lonelier it gets. Finest sand and crystal-clear water are between your toes in every bay.

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