Bienvenido in Mallorca’s Beautiful South

Colònia de Sant Jordi at the southernmost tip of Mallorca was once a poor little fishing village. Today, it's a lively, unspoiled town of 3,000 people with plenty to offer for civilized slacking: a gorgeous promenade, a fishing port harbouring an abundance of charming restaurants, and plenty of shopping options, too. St. Jordi enjoys being loved by people who are a bit Mallorcan themselves and like to take it muy tranquilo. If you love idle days and drifting, this is the place for you. Water sports fans will be delighted with the range of kayaks, SUPs or surfboards on offer, as the water in the bays to the right and left of the town is surreally beautiful. Curious about the island's natural wonders and history? You will find the imposing, glistening white salt flats - the second oldest in the world, hugely exciting. Here the famous Mallorcan salt crystals, the Flor de Sal, are gathered. There are huge flocks of birds, there are caves, fragrant pine forests and coastal hiking trails. There's so much to do - or let be. The main thing is to enjoy it! Our guess is, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is to go around the corner to the big beach and see the sea - and that is so understandable.

Turquoise, Caribbean, natural

The famous and truly spectacular, seemingly endless Es Trenc beach lies like a Caribbean fantasy in an elongated, gently sloping bay, in the middle of a nature reserve, shimmering in a thousand shades of sugar-white, turquoise and blue. A feast for the eyes - and for the ears, too: no motorized water entertainment drowns out the gentle lapping of the waves and the whispering of the wind. No boom-box beach shack will disturb your siesta. On the undeveloped natural beach, you don't have big hotels breathing down your neck. At Es Trenc you can find the quiet happiness of making friends with a fish while snorkeling. You can practice standing on one leg with flamingos and take endless beach walks with wading birds. You may even meet your own kind here in their pristine state, as nudism has a long tradition at Es Trenc, in sections anyway. And if this much beach happiness is not enough for you, in the immediate vicinity three more dream beaches are waiting for you to be discovered: Es Estanys, Es Dolç and Es Carbó.

A friendly hello from
the sunny beach of Es Trenc, Mallorca

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Carrer Esmeragda, 6
07638 Colònia de Sant Jordi, Illes Balears