Put the record on

You know it well: Contourless chillout music or harmless elevator jazz, compiled by an unimaginative algorithm, trickles from discreetly positioned loudspeakers. Some sterile audio which, at best, goes unnoticed or will be forgotten instantly. This is very different at Bikini Es Trenc. You can't get past music here, because it's not only our VIP guest, but also your host. You'll find a vinyl library in the old indoor swimming pool from the hotel's former life, which makes the hearts of connoisseurs beat in faster rhythms. This collection of music does not seek to be admired speechlessly. You may pull out any album and listen to it, through the speakers or the headphones. But not only for the ears, also for the eyes the vinyls are pure pleasure: tables in the look of turntables are floating in the former pool for your individual enjoyment of the music.

Music on. World off.

Music in Bikini is not only enjoyed passively, here it is actually created and performed. Many musicians visit us and most of the time they come to stay a little longer. To compose, rehearse, or spontaneously give intimate and exclusive sessions to the delight of our guests. They may even record their new album in our professional Bikini recording studio. Also pretty groovy: Since there are usually lots of musicians among the guests, you never know if there might be a spontaneous gig in the evening. But this much is certain: You'll definitely run into Clueso one or the other time.

A friendly hello from
the sunny beach of Es Trenc, Mallorca

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Es Trenc
Carrer Esmeragda, 6
07638 Colònia de Sant Jordi, Illes Balears