Si! The beach of Es Trenc is really beautiful. But have you been to our garden? Here you will find spacious outdoor lounges with sunbeds, hammocks and lots of cushions. In the garden you can chat with the strangest birds. You can learn the botanical names of the plants and impress your people at dinner with your scientific knowledge. And what could be better than relaxing among fragrant flowers and herbs, among whimsical cacti, in the shade of majestic palm trees, while reading in a hammock, swinging from one book to the next? Oh yeah, right — floating in the pool! Our outdoor pool is a feast for the eyes and seriously rivals the ocean. And it's so big, you can actually swim in it, not just splash around.

Why limit happy to an hour?

Experience has shown that sooner rather than later it is time for a refreshment - a cocktail or mocktail, a café con leche, and a few bites. Therefore, it will contribute considerably to your relaxation that when a little appetite or a big thirst come apparent, the distances to a bar are not long. However, at the latest for the sundowner we recommend you stroll to the pool bar, look out to the horizon, and let the ice cubes jingle in the glass, while the scent of the garden wafts over to you in a gentle evening breeze. The beach will be there tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow… Here’s a relaxing suggestion for the most indulgent guests: dream about the ocean in the hammock in our garden. And about the garden while dozing on your beach towel by the sea.

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Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Es Trenc
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