Sustainably, Bikini Es Trenc is not a newly constructed building, but was already a hotel before it became a Bikini. With great respect for the existing structures, we transformed the place into a landmark for Colònia de Sant Jordi. Some features were so beautiful that we even chose to accentuate them. Others we have re-invented, generosity being our guiding principle. Tall palm trees, brave tamarisks, surreal succulents and majestic cacti, tall grass, aromatic culinary herbs and fragrant flowers among native rocks all thrive here in a unique ecosystem - with the ocean glistening in the background. What on earth more could you want? Have we already mentioned the colorful Levantine NENI cuisine? Our bars? Our vinyl collection? Our love of music?

To decorate a hotel, you can buy practical hotel furnishings and lifeless decorations from one of the standard hotel furnishers. Or you can browse galleries and studios yourself, explore art and antique markets, rummage through interior design magazines with great delight and hunt for original, strange, quirky, special, stunning, genuine one-off pieces at collectors' fairs that give your hotel a unique flair and, ideally, that are not merely beautiful to look at but are actually used. We value craftsmanship and everything genuine. We also have a huge crush on good-humored, profoundly laid-back, cool design and have made a few style elements our bikini signature look: Genuine craftsmanship. Natural materials. Bold patterns. And lots and lots and lots of color.

A friendly hello from
the sunny beach of Es Trenc, Mallorca

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Es Trenc
Carrer Esmeragda, 6
07638 Colònia de Sant Jordi, Illes Balears