A trip to Cabrera

What kind of island is that?

No, it's not Ibiza. Nor can it be Menorca. That´s Cabrera. Never heard of it?

That's how most people feel when they look out to the sea for the first time in the south of Mallorca. There are some mighty big rocks in the sea that have never made it onto the front page of the newspapers.

And that's how it should stay. Because the Cabrera islands are a real natural paradise, located about 14 km off the southern tip of Mallorca. There are no parties, resorts or nightlife here. There are goats (hence the nickname goat island), a harbour with an old fortress and a tiny pub. But there is all the more turquoise, really big fishes and a blue grotto.

Take the boat in Colònia Sant Jordi and in about an hour you are on the main island. Don't forget your snorkel and diving goggles! First visit the old fortress, take in the view of Mallorca and then head for the beach. With a bit of bread, you'll feed on the big fishes and they will even eat from your hand. Don't panic! They don't bite.

What to do after feeding the predators and taking lots of great Instagram photos? Now it's getting blue. On the way back comes the most awesome detour of the day! Then the whole boat disappears into a huge cave, switches off the engines and floats in a deep blue something. Do you dare to go in there? Come on, it's awesome! Strap on your bikini or swimsuit and jump off the boat into the water.

A day trip to Cabrera promises extremely good photos, unforgettable moments and a real increase in knowledge. Ask at home where the Cabrera archipelago is located....nobody will know.

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