A day trip to Felanitx and Campos

The monks of the monastery of Sant Salvador may not have made cheese in the 14th century, but their view stretched from the bay of Alcudia to the lowlands of Campos, where it is still made in the traditional way.

Probably, homemade herbal remedies served the monks more as barter goods for all kinds of delicacies they could not grow in the rough terrain of their 500-metre-high mountain. And so the last monks left the monastery mountain in 1992.

What remains is an imposing building with an impressive, seven-metre-high copper statue in honour of Christ, enthroned above the village of Felanitx and visible from afar.

The ascent to the monastery can be tackled on foot in 3 to 4 hours. Those less motivated can drive up to the top of the hill, and all indecisive can use the parking facilities along the 7 km serpentine road to do the same as the monks, at least for part of the way.

In the monastery grounds, you should get a caffeine kick (yes, there is a café), share the magnificent view with the world and get ready for the culinary sins afterwards.

We continue to the Formatges Burguera cheese dairy. This is the third generation of the family to make queso curado, queso semi-curado, brossat (fresh cheese), llet formatjada (cheese milk) and curd cheese by hand. You will be greeted by a warm moo, the smell of farm work and Mallorcans who will proudly introduce you to the world of the Formatges Burguera cheese dairy. Here, only their own milk goes into making the cheese, which is even lovingly wrapped by hand after storage. Sweet, isn't it?

You also have to try the semi-hard cheese. The cheese is rubbed with olive oil during the maturing process, which gives it the light aroma of liquid gold. Unique!

Once you have tasted your way through, cuddled with the calves and absorbed knowledge about cheese making, visit the factory shop and get some Curado, Semicurado & Co. for those who stayed at home.

If the cheese makes it home.... Because the taste of tapas and holidays by the sea is too irresistible.

Our tip: Mass is celebrated in the monastery church every Sunday and public holiday.

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