A cycle tour to the salt pans and ostrich farm

Easy cycle tour with 2 dertours | Colònia de Sant Jordi – Sa Rapita | 17 km | 1 h per direction

How amazing is that... snow-white salt mountains and pink flamingos. Sounds like retouching? Not with us! This tour takes you to the last sea salt pans on Mallorca. Here, the famous "Flor de Sal" (salt flowers) is extracted and – highlight!!! - from September to April, flamingos nest in the nature reserve and make the ultimate Instagram motif.

Let's get going! Towards Campos, a sign on the left points the way to the salt pans of Flor de Sal and soon the snow-white mountains appear against the steel-blue sky.

During a one-hour guided tour, you will learn all about salt production. After the tour, get a culinary souvenir in the shop.

Incidentally, the salt production process takes one year.

The seawater is pumped into the basins and mercilessly exposed to the sun. The water evaporates, leaving the salt behind. The process takes place in several crystallisation basins. The result is table salt of various quality grades. Just take a look!

After your visit, continue on a flat track to the Artestruz ostrich farm. In the steppe-like landscape, several giant birds bury their heads in the sand and let their owners do the explaining. The farm is particularly impressive at dusk. Then you can marvel at the graceful ostrich dances. There are handicrafts in the associated shop and you should let an ostrich egg melt on your palate in the restaurant.

If you're still fit and have plenty of time, your route will take you to Sa Rapita, at the other end of Es Trenc beach. Return via the beach or on the same route.

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