There are beautiful places, there are fantastic places and there are two 4-star Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels in Mallorca!

Our hotel in Port de Sóller: a fantastic place to enjoy the breathtaking backdrop of the port of Sóller and the Tramuntana mountains. Whether by the heated pool or in our NENI Mallorca restaurant - the Bikini Hotel has everything with a view. Including the rooms with their spacious balconies. Your own personal retreat in the midst of beautiful nature. And should you ever want to meet people: The beach and promenade are just a stone's throw away.

Our hotel on Es Trenc: facades in the vibrant colors of Mallorcan nature and floral paintings, the scale of which the flower children could only dream of, grow together with a fragrant garden full of quiet hiding places to form a paradisiacal whole - and the sea glistens directly behind it. The kilometer-long Es Trenc beach and the lively Colònia de Sant Jordi are just a few minutes' walk away.

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