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A visit at the Aloe Vera Farm

The taste of fresh aloe vera juice and soft-to-the-touch skin

You're in love with the sun, your hormones are playing crazy in the glaring light andyou're really thriving in the heat of the day?

You must be best friend of an Aloe Vera! The cuddly-thick plant needs at least 2,000hours of sunshine per year to produce its wellness elixir. It loves Mallorca, the hotsummers and the scent of the sea. At the sweet age of 5 years, the aloe vera getstruncated for the first time. The lower leaves get cut off, are processed and thecalming juice ends up on your skin.

Interesting? Let´s find out even more about your best friend on a free tour on the 40-hectare Aloe Vera farm in the north of Majorca, close to Playa de Muro.

Here, about 200,000 Aloe Vera plants make themselves comfortable in theMediterranean sun and provide 100% ecological ingredients for pure naturalcosmetics.

Once you know everything about the easy going plant, questioned the staff and bitten the first time in a raw aloe leaf - yes, you can eat the transparent tastelessflesh - then treat yourself to the absolute beauty kick: Aloe Vera juice with freshorange juice. Pushes yourself from inside and is irrestistable tasteful.

Beauty to shop: Why not taking home the concentrated Majorca sun? The farm shopoffers all about Aloe Vera, cosmetics, fresh juice, liquors and sweets. A nice presentfor your beloved ones at home or just a wellness treatment for yourself.

Our tip for bikini fans: After a day by the pool, pamper your skin with fresh aloe verajuice directly taken from the leaf or light gel. It soothes the skin, makes it super-softand protects your holiday teint.

Enjoy the sun!

Find more information and opening hours about the Aloe Vera Farm here.

The Aloe Vera farm is located close to Santa Margalida, approx. 1:20 h drive byrental car (70 km) from the Bikini Hotel Port Soller. You can perfectly combine thevisit with a beach day at Playa de Muro or sightseeing at the former Roman town Alcudia.

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