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Climbing tour through the Torrent de Pareis

Exclusive river bed climbing tour, high difficulty, requires good condition.
Mondays & Thursdays | Start 6:30/7 am | 8 km | 620 m downhill
Good health condition, fitness, sure-footedness, no fear of heights & good sports shoes with a profile are a must!

Today is the day for a perfect day

Are you always seeking for the next, new and unique adventure? Then you should not miss the challenging crossing of the "Grand Canyon" of Mallorca. The "Torrent de Pareis" is one of the most impressive canyons in Europe and the most spectacular in Mallorca.
To enforce the Hellmouth, we will have to crawl, slid, climb, jump over towering boulders and gigantic climbing passages and finally get through the canyon into the turquoise paradise. Our reward will be a fantastic dip in the bright blue sea and a typical Majorcan picnic on the beach. The boat ride along the bizarre rocky coast is the perfect end to this powerful experience and to a perfect day.
The Torrent de Pareis - an extraordinary summit in Mallorca's gorge is the perfect combination of mental workout and a healthy and casual full-body training.

And please don't forget: Never walk alone, always join a group for this unforgettable adventure - it could be very dangerous out there.

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