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COVID 19 Stay Safe Taskforce

We want you to have a relaxed, carefree stay with us. And, of course, we want you and our team to stay safe and healthy the whole time.

That's why we have an internal Covid 19 Stay Safe Taskforce Team who are responsible for carrying out and monitoring all the necessary hygiene and safety procedures. We're working closely with independent experts and the Spanish authorities on all things hygiene, health and safety to make sure we stay up to date on the latest developments.

Many of the steps that need to be taken have already been carried out over the course of the last few weeks. What does this mean for a stay at our hotel? We've gathered all the relevant information for you below.

Please note that you will need a QR code to enter the country, which you have to show during the controls on your arrival in Spain. You can request it here:

Smile Behind

On Mallorca, from 13.7. onwards, masks are compulsory everywhere in public. Excluded from this are: beaches, pools, sports activities and restaurants, as long as you are seated at the table. You are also allowed to play brass music. Our team also wears masks for their and your protection. Please be prepared for this and remember to have masks covering nose and mouth in your luggage.

Shine Bright

Cleanliness has always been very important to us. Now, we're scrutinizing every possible surface in the public areas of the hotel even more meticulously than before – we're cleaning and disinfecting things even more regularly following the simple motto of "better one time too many, than one too few".

Easy Travel

No need to pack a whole pharmacy for your trip! Our Housekeeping Team will make sure there's plenty of (free) hand sanitizer available for you at all the key touchpoints around our hotel, restaurant, bars, pool area and fitness area.

1,5 Meters

We're in strange times – being social also means being distant! Thankfully it's very spacious here, so we'll have no problems keeping at the required distance where needed. And if there are any situations where that proves difficult, we'll have alternative solutions ready.

Summer Breeze

Fresh air isn't a luxury around here – it comes as standard. Your room will be aired thoroughly before your arrival, with a helping hand from the gentle sea breeze. You'll get to know this refreshing breeze for yourself in our large outdoor areas, perhaps over a meal, a drink, some sunbathing, swimming, reading or a spot of sport.

All Yours

During your stay, your room is for your use only. We'll only enter if you ask us to and only when you're not there. If you need some housekeeping or would like your minibar restocked, just let us know. After we've been into the room, we'll air and disinfect it.

Bon Appetit

Our breakfast is all about giving you the best start to your day. And we already know exactly how that will look with the new hygiene measures in place. NENI Restaurant, Donkey Bar and PIKKINI Pool Bar are open as usual and ready to serve – always at the required distance.

Money Counts

Think cash is king? Not here! We're pretty keen on contactless credit and debit card transactions – they've been the safest way of doing things for a while now.

Splish Splash

Here's some good news: Coronavirus can't be transmitted through water. So there's nothing getting in the way of a refreshing dip in our pool. The sun loungers have been set up with plenty of distance between them and we'll be taking hygiene very seriously around our pool area too.

Calm Down

Feeling the need to really pamper yourself after all the recent tough times? No problem! The team at our Santaverde Spa are ready to spoil you with their wonderful treatments, all whilst maintaining suitable safety precautions.

Move It Baby

On our fitness terrace, you'll be out in the fresh air and able to keep your distance, and so sport and yoga are safe and problem-free here. Our Housekeeping Team will be taking care of disinfecting all the equipment regularly.

It´s Getting Hot

You can also enjoy private access to the steam room and sauna. You can visit them both alone or with those you're travelling with. Simply book your time slot at reception.

And Action

All our local friends and partners are raring to go: hiking, boating, diving – everything's ready and waiting. They'll be observing new hygiene standards and implementing new group sizes. Small groups, but still big fun! If you have any questions, simply ask us.

Around Town

Port de Sóller is slowly awakening after its deep sleep. Bit by bit, restaurants and shops around us, and also in other parts of the island, are opening their doors again. Port de Sóller was never known for its buzzing nightlife, so you'll probably not notice much of a difference.

Vamos A La Playa

News just in: Coronavirus can't swim or survive in seawater. The beach at Port de Sóller, as well as other beaches in Majorca, is open again, so right now there's nothing to stop you from having plenty of beach time whilst observing social distancing during your holiday.

For Explorers

Our Mercedes cars and Stevens bicycles are free for you to use, just like always. This means you can take your own private tours of the island. The same rule as before applies: first come, first served. And they'll be fully disinfected between each use.