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COVID 19 Stay Safe Taskforce

We want you to have a relaxed, carefree stay with us. And, of course, we want you and our team to stay safe and healthy the whole time.

That's why we have an internal Covid 19 Stay Safe Taskforce who is responsible for carrying out and monitoring all the necessary hygiene and safety procedures. We're working closely with independent experts and the Spanish authorities on all hygiene, health and safety related issues to make sure we stay always up to date.

As the regulations for entering Mallorca are now so varied, we ask you to research the requirements that apply to your country on the websites of the relevant authorities yourself.

You can find a lot of helpful information on the European Union's website:

You need to create your personal QR code, which will be checked by the security control upon your arrival in Spain. You can request it here:

It is mandatory for all entrants to Spain to activate the Spanish Corona app „Radar COVID“ and to deactivate it no earlier than 15 days after returning from holiday.

In case you need an antigen rapid test for your trip back home, the antigen test is offered directly in our hotel. A doctor will be with us at the following hours:

  • Mo 20:00
  • Wed 20:00
  • Fr 18:00
  • Sat 18:00

You'll receive your certified test result via mail within 1 hour for the antigene rapid test (€ 30) - payable cash or with cc. ID/passport and email address are required. Please register at reception 24hours in advance. If you need a different time or a PCR test (€ 75) we can arrange appointments at the doctor's office in Sóller.

Smile Behind

Now you are allowed to take off your mask outside as long as the distance of 1.5m is maintained. Means: You can do sports, promenade, lie by the pool and on the beach. However, masks are still compulsory indoors & in shops, and in restaurants in- & outdoors until you sit down at the table.

Shine Bright

Cleanliness has always played a major role for us. Now, we are scrutinizing the touchpoints in the public areas even more meticulously and cleaning and disinfecting here even more regularly – according to the motto “more is more”.

Easy Travel

No need to pack a whole pharmacy for your trip! Our housekeeping team will make sure that you have always enough disinfectant (free) at all neuralgic points in the hotel, restaurant, bars, pool- and fitness area.

1,5 Meters

Kind of crazy – in today’s times closeness and being social means keeping the distance. Fortunately, we have plenty of space everywhere, so that the minimum distance of 1,5m can be maintained without any problems. And where it shouldn’t be possible, we provide alternatives.

Summer Breeze

Fresh air isn't luxury around here, but standard. Your room will be thoroughly aired before your arrival, with the friendly support of the gentle sea breeze. You will be also surrounded by this refreshing breeze in our huge outdoor area, while eating, drinking, sunbathing, swimming, reading, doing sports or simply enjoying life.

All Yours

During your stay, your room is all yours. We only enter it if you ask us to and only during your absence. If you need our housekeeping team or your minibar needs replenishing, just let us know. After we have been in your room, it will be aired and disinfected.

Bon Appetit

Our breakfast is all about giving you the best start into your day. To make this work, we need your support: Please wear your mask when you serve yourself at the buffet and disinfect your hands every time. NENI Restaurant, DONKEY Bar and PIKKINI Pool Bar are open and ready to serve as usual – maximum group size outside 12, inside 8 (if from one household also more persons).

Money Counts

Cash is king? Not here! We are pretty keen on contactless credit- and debit card transactions – they've been the safest way of doing things for a while now.

Splish Splash

Here's some good news: Coronavirus is not transmitted through the water. So nothing stands in the way of a refreshing swim in our pool. The sun loungers have been set up with plenty of distance between them - please help us to keep it that way. Here, too, we take hygiene very seriously.

Keep Calm

Feeling the need to really pamper yourself after all the recent tough times? No problem! The team at our Santaverde Spa are ready to spoil you with their wonderful treatments, all whilst maintaining suitable safety precautions. Please book your treatment 24 hours in advance.

Move It Baby

You keep your distance and are in the fresh air – sports and yoga are therefore possible on our fitness terrace without any problems or risks. Our housekeeping team takes care of the regular disinfection of all equipment.

And Action

All our local friends and partners are there for you: hiking, boating, diving –it’s all possible. Here too, all in compliance with the new hygiene standards and with new group sizes. Small groups, but still big fun! If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Around Town

Restaurants and bars are allowed to be open until 2am. Shopping is possible with a mask, disinfecting your hands at the entrance and keeping your distance. Shop and restaurant owners are mindful of the number of people allowed. In restaurants & bars, masks are mandatory, as soon as the table is left - even outside.

Vamos A La Playa

Sensational: The Corona virus cannot swim and dies in the sea water. The beach in Port de Sóller, and the other beaches in Mallorca, are open from 6am to 10pm. So right now nothing’s gonna stop you from enjoying plenty of beach time, with the familiar distance to your beach neighbours.

For Explorers

As always, our Stevens bicycles are at your disposal free of charge. You can therefore explore the island independent and in private. The same rule as before applies: first comes, first serve. And in between, everything will be disinfected.

Your Choice

Smoking is currently not allowed on the terraces of bars and restaurants. As our hotel is a private property, you can smoke on the balconies of your rooms and in the cosy private lounge of the NENI restaurant and in a separate pool area. Our team will be happy to show you where to find these. Please remember to keep a distance of 2m here as well.