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Woodstock Vibes 2023

It was the highlight of the hippie-movement: the legendary Woodstock festival, which took place in August 1969 in White Lake! Because our BIKINI hearts beat in the rhythm of the good vibes of the 60s, we want to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the woodstock era and our 5th bday on the 29th of September 2023 with you!


We love and live the Gypset Style! DJ music and Live Act Sharon Maylinn make you feel the rhythm of the late summer with a mix of tropical & vocal house and the best sounds of the 60s. Dance bare feet by the pool until the sun goes down over the bay of Port de Sóller.


Santana Sunrise, The Crosby Cooler, The Who Whiskey Sour, The Greatful Gin, Flower Power Martini – our refreshing must-try-latesummerdrinks are served icecold and our NENI team gives you the perfect basis for alcoholic drinks with a BBQ.


Don't forget your bikini! With hot beats, you might need to cool down a bit or two: so head for the pool!