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Welcome to the now

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That is the reason why it is called present. Only today is real. This very present moment. Anything else is an illusion.

To live the life means to follow the heart. Following the heart means coming home. Coming home means to be free. Being free means to live the moment to the fullest!

Everybody wants a better tomorrow. What do you seek in tomorrow? We will find more and more worries there. A happy tomorrow is built on the actions/non actions of today. Stop looking for the happiness in the future. Find it here and now.

Everybody wants something changed from yesterday. Would have? Should have? Could have? Nothing would change if we only dig deeper in our pain. The healing for our past lies here and now.

Only today we are free and wild to create and change everything.

Jang-Ho will guide you through the 7 day yoga retreat in Bikini Hotel and will help you to find easier the way to the center of the storm - where we all can find peace and stillness.

The classes are for everybody. From absolute beginner till experienced yoga teacher - no matter what, you are welcomed! Jang-Ho has „no style“. His yoga is a blend of everything (vinyasa, hatha, kundalini, QiGong, Zen, martial arts).

In these 7 days you will find a bridge from the yoga mat to the daily life. The daily life is one of the most difficult way to meditate.

•How am i to other person in daily life?

•How am i to myself in daily life?

•How do i react in stressful moments?

The way how we do the things shows us how free we really are from our conditions. We all have programs and ideas inside us which is not our own or not who we really are. Yoga is a way to find our lost freedom to realize that we are already a happy and complete being. According to the mantra „Lokah Samastha Sukino Bavanthu“ (may all beings are free and happy) the 7 days will be all about letting go and enjoying life with a good sense of humor!

It will be a good journey. Let’s create together magic in the moment through the power of now.

Welcome to the Now.

The level for this retreat is for everybody. For beginners till experienced teachers.

Der Trainer

Jang-Ho Kim


Yoga is Jang-Ho Kim’s way of communication, a way to transfer his experience and his love to the people. His yoga style is an alchemy of sweating, laughing, crying, tension, relaxation and humor. Tae Kwon Do gave him discipline and strength, Qi-Gong taught him how to control the energy and ZEN philosophy has been his mirror for his inner world. With heart and soul Jang-Ho accompanies the participants on their journey to the unknown inner universe. Jang-Ho leads trainings and retreats around the world and is co-owner of Now Yoga Today, a yoga studio in Wiesbaden Germany.


  • Master of sports science (sports university of Cologne)
  • Owner of a yoga studio since 2007
  • International on the road for retreats, workshops, festivals and conferences
  • Co founder of Now Yoga (studio & education)
  • Gives teacher trainings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
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