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The fitness retreat at the Bikini Hotel offers relaxation and revitalization together with a fantastic view of the sea and a high wellness factor.

The endless view of the sea, the remarkably high wellness factor through the courses, the training, which makes you feel good in your own skin, as well as the bathing and sauna, the socializing with like-minded people and the healthy gourmet cuisine of the Neni restaurant all comes together, which simply makes you happy. It is for this reason that the fitness retreat truly deserves the name
"Happyshape" :-)

Enjoy the view of the sea, take in the fresh sea breeze and the scent of the pine trees, feel your body in all its facets and discover the delicacies of the NENI restaurant as well as experience vitality and relaxation in equal measure.

A vacation for all the senses: the view of the sea, the fresh sea breeze, and the fine scent of pine trees, feeling your body in all its facets, as well as discovering the delicacies of the Neni restaurant

Everything that makes you happy, divided into five days:

The sports sessions include holistic training. The cardiovascular system is stimulated, the muscles are built up and toned, imbalances are corrected, pain is alleviated, flexibility, body awareness and relaxation are promoted. Pilates: Pilates, a training with focus on revitalizing the body's core. The spine is strengthened and straightened, body awareness is trained, and flexibility is improved while toning and relaxing.

Bikini Workout

A cardiovascular workout and strength endurance training in equal measure, the entire body is strengthened and shaped. So you feel even more comfortable in your bikini ;-)


A mobility training in which hardenings, shortenings, tensions, and restrictions of the musculoskeletal system are released in order to improve and regain natural mobility. This workout is not only physically but also mentally relaxing.

SUP- Pilates

Pilates on a stand-up paddle board in the ocean is a more intense Pilates workout with a particularly high fun factor.


A full-body workout on a stand-up paddle board in the sea that strengthens and tones all facets of the body while correcting imbalances.

Fascia Training

A training with balls, in which agglutinated fasciae are loosened in a targeted manner, in order to eliminate or prevent pain in the musculoskeletal system.

The Coach

Nina Kersting

I have been professionally active in the fitness sector for 27 years. After my sports and English sec. II studies at the University of Dortmund, I graduated as a sports economist at the Private University European Business School.

Due to back pain caused by horseback riding, a slipped disc, heart muscle inflammation, and figure problems, I became increasingly more interested in fitness and health. For a while I was even addicted to sports, which had the disadvantage of causing even further wear and tear. Through these experiences, numerous trainings, and private interest I developed a concept to stay fit and healthy. This concept is always adapted to the individual needs of my clients.

Today I can say that I have successfully turned my hobby into my profession, and it brings me great joy everyday to witness how my clients’ and participants’ quality of life significantly improve.

I live with my two children and my husband in the beautiful south of Dortmund. My hobbies are running, strength training (of any kind), Pilates, horseback riding, photography, painting, traveling and of course my family. Currently, my free time consists mainly of accompanying my children to their competitions.

Whether in individual or group training, it always brings me great joy to motivate people to participate in sports. It truly makes me proud to see the transformative power of sports and training take effect in the lives of each of my clients and participants.

The training is varied and adapted to meet individual needs. It doesn't matter if you have no sports experience, if you are a competitive athlete or if you need sports to serve therapy purposes. With me you can expect a balance of exercise, nutrition and stretching as well as relaxation.

Together we will rapidly experience a wealth of excitement and joy in the training sessions, so that you will feel comfortable in all facets of your being. I will also assist you in meeting your most personal athletic and health goals.


  • Dipl. sports economist (ebs)
  • Aerobics B License (IFAA)
  • Athletic Trainer A License (IST)
  • Pilates Trainer (Polestar)
  • Wellness Trainer (IST)
  • State-approved nutritionist (IST)
  • Sports Therapist (PTS Kamen)
  • Tae-Bo (according to Billy Blanks) martial arts workout
  • Step B License (IFAA)
  • Back School Instructor (PTS Kamen)
  • Physiofitness Trainer (PTS Kamen)
  • Blackroll ©-Fascia Trainer
  • International BODYART Instructor

Further education

  • Fascia Stretching
  • Neuroathletic Training
  • Fascia Training
  • Flexibar
  • Balance according to Dr. Tanja Kühne
  • Pain Therapy
  • XCO
  • TRX
  • Pezziball
  • Power-Dumbell
  • Functional Training
  • Breakletics
  • 4 D Pro Bungee Fitness Trainer
  • Proprioceptor Training
  • Pilates Chair
  • TRX Medical Training
  • Prenatal/Postnatal Trainer
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