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Traditional Mallorca

Very informative & atmospheric tour, medium difficulty, for all friends of nature, food & traditional culture
Tuesdays | Start 9:30 pm until March, 9:00 pm from April until November | 12 km | 50 m uphill & 620 m downhill | 55 € per person
Good sports shoes with a profile are a must!

Let the sunshine in

Do you want to be close to nature and experience the caring hospitality from locals? Do you want to shut down, unwind, let go, laugh and enjoy culinary delights?
Our native, dynamic mountain guys will show you the real and authentic Mallorca - the Mallorca of the Majorcan!
You will explore the stories of yesteryear while wandering the untouched smuggler trails, secret paths and secluded cobblestones.
This is an active experience in the most enchanting UNESCO World Heritage in Spain. Fornalutx, one of the most beautiful villages in the country, invites you to linger with its narrow, old streets, flower-decorated houses. Peace and romance pure. Immerse yourself in the rustic life, experience farming tradition, roam in soft evening light through juicy orange and lemon groves and finally experience the culinary simplicity in its most beautiful form on an idyllic Finca far away from any hustle and bustle. Local plus rural equals sleepy. Therefore - traditionally - the nightly tram ride perfectly completes the return to the home port.

Keep cool: Enjoy the silence & flowery, peaceful moments.

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