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One-off two-wheelers.

When we do something, we do it properly and with enthusiasm. That's why we don't provide our guests with no-name bikes and an air pump and wish them good luck! We lend you bikes that we like and enjoy riding ourselves. Bikes that are really serious and built by quality-loving people who tick like we do. People who have realized a meaningful dream with their work. We are excited to have the Hamburg-based bicycle manufacturer Stevens on board, or rather in the saddle, because Stevens is a brand and a company with a rich, true story: Stevens was founded in 1991 by the brothers Werner and Wolfgang von Hacht, two former bicycle street racers, who ran a bicycle dealership together. By founding Stevens, they made their dream of building top notch bicycles themselves a reality.

Designed & engineered in Hamburg, Germany

Werner and Wolfgang had plenty of ideas and know-how and things went very well right from the start. So well, in fact, that the brothers often couldn't believe it themselves. The Stevens brand is a star with Hanseatic understatement. Stevens doesn’t boast of being the first full carbon bicycle manufacturer. Being a "test winner" isn’t trumpeted either, although the success runs right through the entire product range. Stevens builds racing bikes, cyclocross bikes, trekking bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, pedelecs, e-bikes and children's bikes and has often been awarded the most attractive brand by various bicycle magazines. Stevens is also well known in professional sport: world champions ride the bikes on the road and in the mud. The company is passionately committed to promoting cycling and is the main sponsor of the Stevens Cyclocross Cup, a regional cyclocross racing series in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony.

Because Stevens' love for two-wheelers is deep and authentic, the company has never sold its soul to success, but remains a family business - now in its second generation: Since 2021, Kim Julian and Jacob von Hacht, the children of Werner and Wolfgang von Hacht, keep the wheels turning.

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