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Of all places, the first spa of the certified natural cosmetics line Santaverde was opened in the first Bikini Hotel, in Port de Sóller on Mallorca. This was no coincidence, but a choice made with care and love by Santaverde's founder Sabine Beer. Like us, she is serious about ethics, sustainability and the highest quality standards. Santaverde and Bikini - a perfect match!

Like all great business success stories, Santaverde's is a very personal one: Once upon a time in Andalusia. In 1985, Sabine and her husband bought an old finca In 1985, Sabine and her husband bought an old finca where the medicinal plant aloe vera grew in a barren garden. At the suggestion of a neighbor, Sabine treated her sensitive skin with the pure, fresh gel of the healing plant and found that the effect was like a miracle. So she decided to share the benefits with others. She wanted to make cosmetics using fresh Aloe Vera as the base instead of the usual water. Sounds simple, but it was a bold plan, because aloe vera is very delicate, which is why the industry only uses dried, powdered aloe vera - and that, in Sabine's opinion, is a fraud... After several years of research, the time had come, and Sabine launched the first pure Aloe Vera gel and the first products in 1997. Today, her certified beauty care line offers products for all skin needs and Santaverde's pure Aloe Vera Gel is also still available - still made with pure Aloe Vera juice from organically grown Aloe Vera from Sabine's Andalusian finca.

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