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Es Firó Festival

If you are lucky enough to be in Port de Sóller on the Monday following the second weekend in May, then you must be sure to take a look at THE biggest historic event of the year. The village, usually an idyllic place, goes crazy, with locals and visitors participating in a colorful, loud spectacle that is unique on the island to celebrate Port de Sóller’s special story.

So what’s the deal? On May 11, 1561 Algerian invaders, landed on the beach at Port de Sóller. The Sóllerics defended their village so vigorously that the Arab pirates retreated and made a second attempt to land, at d’en Repic beach. They overran the Sóllerics and stormed Sóller. But they hadn’t reckoned with the town’s brave women (the “valentes dones”), who began attacking them with pokers while their men were still fighting on the beach. The final battle took place on Sóller’s market square (“Plaça Constitució”), where courageous Captain Angelats and the local peasants were able to rout the attackers.

The reenactment is a very boisterous affair. At 4.00 p.m. the pirates – played by locals dressed in historic costumes – storm the beach, where the Sóllerics are already lying in wait. Everyone wears traditional clothing and is armed with wooden swords, catapults, and shotguns. It takes a few hours until victory is finally achieved, and this lively festival includes lots of shouting and deafening explosions!

Be warned! Don’t wear your best clothes, because they may not survive the festival. The Sóllerics who are dressed as pirates take great pleasure in wiping black face paint onto anyone who is not dressed up . And only wear a straw hat if you are prepared to lose it to the “Christianos”, who love to pull them off people’s heads, before throwing them up into the air and firing at them with guns!

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