Espeleobuceo para todos

Did you know that there are around 4,500 caves and caverns on Mallorca? Of these, around 200 are large stalactite caves and even sea caves that can only be reached from the sea.

One such cave is the Pigeon Cave, Cova des Coloms, south of Porto Cristo. You don't have to be a speleologist to explore this cave. All you need is to be an average swimmer, a little courage and, above all, a great sense of adventure. Because this cave is only accessible from the sea.

Start with a short swim along the rugged coastline (optional from a boat). In your luggage: torch, helmet and wetsuit. After appox. 300 metres you reach the entrance. Hold your breath for a moment, dive down and emerge in another world. Headlamp on and start your cave expedition. Hiking, swimming in 18°C cold freshwater lakes, easy climbing. Always avoid stalagmites (watch out! They also lurk from below when swimming in the crystal-clear water) and stalactites (those are the ones from above).

The highlight: Simply turn off all your headlamps and jump into the pitch-black water. Requires an incredible amount of courage!

After 2 hours, the cave is explored and you go back to daylight the same way.

Tip: If you don't have your own equipment and don't want to go on this adventure alone, the diving schools in Porto Cristo and Portocolom will be happy to take you on an organised tour.

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