There are many things that visibly set Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels apart from other hotels. And that's all down to the people behind the brand. The movers and shakers are real women and men with passions and quirks, who hold opinions and dreams. We are very lucky to be able to turn our vision of the perfect hotel into reality– together with friends and kindred spirits.

Stephan Gerhard

Stephan Gerhard started with an apprenticeship as a hotel manager, became a consultant after a few years of practice and study. He is still a consultant today, has become a professor and built up a small holding company - with more than 30 investments in and around the hospitality industry. He was of the opinion right from the start that Bikini was a brilliant name, especially for mountain hotels!

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Christoph Hoffmann

Christoph Hoffmann played a key role in shaping the 25hours Hotels and continues to be jointly responsible for the DNA of the brand even after the sale to Accor. Christoph has shaken up the hotel world and - while many others are copying his ideas - he is always a step ahead. Now, he sets out to revolutionize the leisure hotel industry with the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels.

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Bikini Island Kai Hollmann Portrait
Kai Hollmann

Learned from the ground up - Kai Hollmann's career as entrepreneur and hotelier of the year began with training as a chef and hotel manager. Then he hit the ground running. The youngest hotel director in Germany, the initiator of the 25hours idea and very successful as a hotel entrepreneur of numerous lifestyle hotels - The George, Gastwerk, Superbude. Now Kai is travelling the bikini world with us!

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Christian Zenka

Christian Zenka did his apprenticeship in Hotelmanagement in the luxury hotel industry - at the legendary Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg. He discovered his passion for holiday resorts in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In Germany, he was a key figure in the development of the largest German holiday resort "Land Fleesensee".

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Armin Fischer
Armin Fischer

The interior designer Armin Fischer and his team of DREIMETA probably invented storytelling. Based on their philosophy, SOUL, CREATIVITY AND LOVE, they genuinely understand how to grasp the soul of a project, to elaborate in details and to make it visible and tangible for everyone.

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Haya Molcho Family Friends
Molcho Family

Haya Molcho and her sons Nuriel, Elior and Ilan are bringing the sense of life from Tel Aviv, where the family has its roots, into the world with their restaurant NENI. With 13 restaurants - including two in the Bikini Hotels on Mallorca - the Molchos are spreading their enthusiasm for Israeli food, lifestyle and culture throughout Europe.

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Sabine Beer

Personal stories are the best success stories. Like the one from Sabine Beer, founder of the well-known natural cosmetics brand Santaverde. A neighbor of her Finca in Andalusia had advised her to treat her skin problems with the pure juice of Aloe Vera. Driven by the benefit, Sabine and her husband Kurt started the organic cultivation of the ancient medicinal plant Aloe Vera in Andalusia. After more than 30 years, the first Santaverde Spas opened in our Mallorca Hotels!

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