A restorative week in Mallorca

This summer I decided to explore new Mediterranean islands every week and have been so excited to discover such incredible places. I spent a week in Mallorca, Spain and want to share with you the highlights of my stay. Most people know Mallorca for Palma, its capital city, which boasts a beautiful cathedral, trendy restaurants and vibrant nightlife. I chose to go to Port de Sollér instead, a smaller village on the island, to slow down and recenter for a week.


I discovered this beautiful hotel on Instagram a few months ago and was immediately inspired by their decor and modern hippy vibe. The property sits in a very scenic location between beautiful rocky mountains and turquoise Balearic waters.

The service was amazing! I love Gabby from the breakfast staff who creates the most unique smoothies every morning.
What I loved the most about this place was the fact that you shift into slowdown mode as soon as you arrive. The interior design has this chill vibe that just makes you feel like you are officially on vacation. From palm strands in the beach cabanas, to the wooden elements in the room, inspired by nature paired with bold touches of colors and textures, you feel a sense of creativity, freedom and balance in your soul.

One of the things I value most about hotels is the quality of their breakfast and I must say I was blown away. I literally dedicated 90mn every morning to go sample everything I could possibly eat in the morning and loved all the delectable surprises that this breakfast included. I mean everything you can imagine from local fresh fruits, Spanish hams and cheeses, rich pastries, quiches, tortillas, unique smoothies and the most delicious spreads I have ever tasted. One I will never forget is their signature ‘Bikininella’, imagine Nutella but 10x better!


The NENI Mallorca restaurant inspired by Middle eastern roots was such a highlight for me. I love their Balagan style dinner which has a three course tasting menu of the best plates of the restaurant. I dined at NENI every day during my stay and loved the authentic flavors in their meals. My personal favorites were the plated chicken shawarma and fresh dorada plate. I also loved the design and views. From here, you can watch the beautiful sunset on the water or just enjoy seeing the turquoise waters and docked boats to remind you that summer on the Mediterranean just hits different!


Port de Sóller is a beautiful village known for its unique hiking trails, abundant citrus groves and beautiful port. The promenade alongside the port is such a lovely morning or sunset walk, as you get to truly feel the local energy, seeing people heading to their cruises or slowing down for a drink in outdoor bars.

I discovered the traditional Mallorcan print, which looks like a wavy dye that comes in different colors and is used in many decorative pieces such as throw pillows, table cloth or accessories. I also loved seeing so many uses of basketry from lamps, to bags and small decorative pieces.

I hope you get inspired to visit Mallorca :)

Love, Diarra

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