With us, luxury dances barefoot

Not a world away from you, in the incomparable diversity of Europe, four California Dreaming time-out dreams are waiting for you. Mallorca and soon in Switzerland's Zermatt. And each BIKINI hotel is more beautiful than the other! If you've seen one, you haven't seen the rest! That's because we know a lot about great hotels. After all, we are the inventors of the 25hours hotels. Now, thanks to our visionary mindset, we want to revolutionize the world of leisure hotels.

We love food, drink, music, decor, light, art, books and people - everything that makes life rich. And we are fortunate in our choice of designers to create our hotels. Like many of the 25hours hotels, we are realizing Bikini with DREIMETA because this award-winning studio is so incredibly loving, passionate and inventive when it comes to creating hip design hotels..

We re-imagine the Sixties.

Together with DREIMETA, we preserve, renovate and refurbish existing buildings in extraordinarily beautiful locations, reinventing them in the process. Sometimes we add new structures - or design something entirely original. We weave zeitgeist together with our own tastes and the style of the era in which the buildings were erected creating a new, soulful story told in the colors and materials of their beautiful surroundings - all while maintaining the relaxed tonality of the sixties.

Spending time in a Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel is unparalleled not least because we have very delicate antennas for recognizing what people need to feel more than comfortable. We know just how to please the sunny minds of the flower children. We pamper the gypsy jetsetter with bespoke luxury and know what nonchalantly caresses the soul of the bohemians among you. At Bikini Hotels, spaces, views, music, materials, tastes, scents and a sense of community create magical moments. With us, true luxury dances barefoot, it flutters, glitters and wears tassles.

Welcome to the vibrant world of
Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels
Ericus 1
20457 Hamburg