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I was invited by the the terrific folks at design hotels to hit up their latest hotel offering over on the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca. The Bikini island and Mountain Hotel is nestled deep in Mallorca in the beautiful gem that is Port de Sòller. At first I was like: BIKINI?? but now I get it- this particular hotel dances to a very playful vibe. The Gypset Vibe. If Ibiza is the party island for jezebels then Mallorca is it’s more chilled, laid-back, classier cousin. Port de Sòller was the Island’s least trodden but after the 90s, a series of tunnels were carved out of the mountains means that now you can drive through them and right into one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. A short drive through will soon have you swaying in your crochet hammock and sipping your cocktail as the sun sets in no time.

The journey is a mere 40 mins from Palma airport, Dawid, the hotel driver will transport you through the most breathtaking views of fertile mountains and on through to Port de Sòller. is the island’s less beaten path and believe me, it’s where you’ll want to spend your next Balearic getaway. The Serra de Tramuntana mountains - it seems- are unforgivably fertile with overflowing with lemon, lime and olive trees that spread as far as the eye can see. Even on the hotel grounds you can find the odd olive and lime trees.


“they call me mellow yellow”

Armin Fischer renovated this hotel from the 70s but managed to retain it’s Bohemian style by creating a contemporary reimagining of the bohemian spirit of the Island.

There are 114 rooms to suit your vacation needs. The Poolside Room with a poolside deck, the Bayside Room and Bay Suite are just some of the rooms on offer. The boutique luxury property is open-plan, with plenty of space to relax whether it’s inside the lobby by the fireplace or doing yoga on the rooftop. Besides NENI, if you ever feel peckish there is also the PIKKINI bar, I mean, I’m always peckish so…

Wifi is fast and furious which is perfect if, like me, you need to instagram your every moment. BIKINI are so social media friendly, that you can tag your shenanigans with #mybikinimoment or #lifeisbetterinbikini - you might get featured on their Instagram page.


  • rooftop yoga

  • exercise bikes if you need to work off that babaganoush

  • snorkeling and paddling for the adventurers out there

  • sunset boat ride - you may even catch the dolphins (scroll down for more)

  • cycling in the mountains

  • hiking (or walking) I like the idea of walking quite frankly

  • golf, I mean I don’t golf but maybe you do

  • facials and massages within the hotel

  • relax and take it easy if you’d prefer to do nothing at all

    (Or you can just sip Gin basil highballs by the bar.)

“peace, love and cocktails @bikinihotels”


It’s not a dream it’s your breakfast fantasy come to life. Choose from a first class buffet spread which you can go on eating until 11am (I did) I mean, I tried everything from the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon to the freshly baked bread, sweet orange soaked cakes, blood oranges, granola and yogurt and coffees made with oat milk. With a spread like this, you won’t need to eat until dinnertime.

“let’s eat, balagan style!”

Although my drama school training equipped me with a slightly faster metabolism, I thought I’d be able to eat my weight in falafel come suppertime, but soon realised I was in no shape to ‘eat the entire menu’ the way I had planned and so I had to make do with what I ate pictured below. If you want to enjoy the menu at NENI, make sure you listen to the waitress, unlike me. Don’t go ordering a focaccia midway through a gastronomic experience people, don’t do it.


  • corn Falafel with lime and sesame dip

  • Cigars, which are spring rolls filled with minced beef, pine nuts and spices, served with Har Bracha Tahina

  • Babaganoush which is a Lebanese specialty. Made from smoked eggplant puree served with pita bread

  • Korean Fried Chicken Salad, which was my fav.

  • Focaccia with Ox-Tail, caramelized shallots, fresh herb salad and jalapeño-coriander-aioli

  • Sesam 3 Halva, roasted sesame, raw Tahina and muscovado ice cream - by far the most unusual dessert I’ve ever had but so unbelievably morish. You must try it

I always love doing very little, but if there’s one thing I would suggest it would be this. Take the sunset boat ride with THE BONNIE LASS boat charters where you’ll be sailed out to the sea with the majestic views of the mountains as company, drink sparkling wine and then jump into the glimmering warm sea. It is but a 2 hour trip and you’ll be home in time to sup at the Randemar where all the sea food is fresh from the sea.


One of my favourite ways to relax on holiday is to make use of the hotel spas. Santaverde Spa is no different offering a variety of facial treatments for any skin concern. Focusing on their chief ingredient, Aloe Vera, Pricilla, the amazing facialist, will give you the most intense yet relaxing spa experience while you’re there.

I went for the Pure Clear & Refine treatment for my sensitive skin. Which is a soothing, clarifying facial treatment for my blemished skin has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It consists also of gentle extractions and then followed by pure Aloe Vera being smothered all over your face. I felt completely zen and ready to face the rest of the day.

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