Pine smell and sea scenery

My world spins around technology on a small and large scale. Actually, that as the reason why I traveled to Mallorca. My task was to build the future IT structure of the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel in Port de Sóller. My friend Christoph Hoffmann who is the partner of the Bikini Company, was also in Mallorca at the time. And everybody who knows Christoph knows that the man can't hold still for longer than a minute. So, it was no surprise to me that, after several meetings, it so happened that I was wearing walking shoes faster than I could say the word World Wide Web. And off we went!

Hiking boots on and off you go.

The starting point of our tour was the picturesque terrace village Banyalbufar, located in the northwest of the island. We met our guide Salvador, a genuine Majorcan married with a German wife, and without any further ado, we started the ascent on stony paths in the lightning blue sky.

The path was lined with imposing rocks and led us through forests with gnarled trees, over some narrow trails.

We passed several Fincas, new and old, such as the historic fortress Finca Es Rafal. Climb up the hill was totally worth it as we came across so many scenic spots with beautiful sea views. The sky was so clear that we could even see the southwestern tip of the island.

It was exciting to see that nature seized its place in the rugged Tramuntana mountains. It was only March, but the first green glimpses could be spotted everywhere. Surprised by a goat bone that lay in the middle of our path and the remnants of a more than 100-year-old hideaway, our imagination went crazy: How had humans managed to live here at this altitude so long ago ?! Are there wolves in the mountains?Es war spannend zu sehen, wie sich die Natur im rauen Tramuntana Gebirge ihren Platz erobert hat. Wir waren im März dort unterwegs und das Grün ertrotzte sich bereits schon jetzt seinen Raum. Die Ziegenknochen, die mitten auf unserem Pfad lagen und die Reste eines mehr als 100 Jahre alten eines Unterschlupfs befeuerten unsere Fantasie: Wie hatten die Menschen vor so langer Zeit in dieser Höhe gelebt?! Gibt es Wölfe in den Bergen?

After just an hour's ascent, we were starting to fell hungry. Salvador got it covered. He turned out not only to be a perfect hiking guide but also a very talented cook for home-made Mallorcan food. He quickly prepared a picnic, which could not have been more delicious: freshly baked bread without salt, goat cheese, olives, lemons, olive oil and paté. Of course, he did not forget about the Mallorcan red wine which he had carried in a wineskin. The specialty, however, was the fresh garlic. Christoph, who was in charge to cut it, claims his fingers still smell like garlic today.

The moment was perfect. Sitting on the ground, surrounded by the distant sound of the sea and birdsongs next to us, we felt like we'd never eaten anything more delicious before.
After the break, we continued our tour. With a view of the massif of Galatzó above the village of Estelencs, which is hidden between the mighty mountains, we continued walking uphill on secret paths into a dense holm oak forest.

From here we had a breathtaking view of the surrounding Tramuntana mountains and the bay of Palma. From the remote mountain village of Puigpunyent, it took us about an hour downhill walk on old cart and donkey paths through the mixed forest. We came across old olive groves, which - together with orange trees- represent this beautiful part of the world- We finally arrived at the Coll of Gray, where Salvador's brother had parked the bus. We drove back to our starting point in Banyalbufar, where we enjoyed a well deserved Estrella in the village bar.

To sum it up.

Let me add this to my story: Whether you are an experienced hiker or not - don't miss out on conquering the Tramuntana Mountains (according to your abilities). The overflow of impressions, views and smells will make you forget the Mallorca that you thought you knew. Mallorca is original, authentic and natural! Tourist groups and the Ballermann are only secondary; this is the real Mallorca nobody should miss.

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Dominic spent his entire life with technology and innovation. He is passionate about new developments from Korea to Silicon Valley, making them available to people around the world with creative concepts. His motto: Technology must be fun and facilitate life, especially for his current hospitality projects for 25hours and Bikini Island & Mountains hotels.

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