Bareminds enjoys the SANTAVERDE SPA

Es gibt schöne Orte, es gibt grandiose Hotels und dann gibt es das BIKINI Island & Mountain Hotel Port de Sóller.

It’s a magical place with a breathtaking backdrop in the port of Port de Sóller and the Tramuntana Moutains. So much love has gone into its design, with a real sense of sixties San Francisco gypset style. This hotel is an oasis of luxury, design and art.

Amongst other things, Mallorca is known for its low-cost tourism, crowded beaches and stag-do culture. But what many people don't know is that this island is so much more than that – a true Balearic gem.

Sparkling with picturesque protected bays, limestone mountains and ruins dating back to Roman and Moorish times, Mallorca isn't just for budget package holidaymakers. Mallorca is one of the Earth's beauty spots, which has been wrongly overlooked by many due to its association with overcrowding and partying. But there are villages full of pretty stone houses, art galleries, heavenly-scented citrus groves and idyllic Mediterranean landscape. I've been three times. And I've fallen in love with it three times. Seriously.

Make your way through the winding streets and beyond the Tramuntana Mountains, and you'll find yourself in Port de Sóller on Mallorca's north-west coast. Between the hills and the sea lies a peaceful and stunning coastal spot: Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel and Santaverde Spa.


Holiday time and spa time?

Some people want to spend their entire holiday by the pool with a book. The most adventure they get is the journey from their room to the poolside or the restaurant. Then there are hard-hitting travellers, who start their days at 6 a.m. with a cycling tour. I, however, am the sort of person who likes to relax as well as explore. For me, relaxing doesn't mean baking in the sun 24/7. I’m pretty good at relaxing during a hammam treatment, a facial, or a full-body massage! Basically, discovering other cultures and local beauty tips are all part of relaxation for me. No spa, cosmetics shop or chemist passes me by – anyone travelling with me knows I'll be stopping off in them on any walk through the town.

Santaverde, an organic cosmetics brand from Hamburg, has opened its very first spa venue, Santaverde Spa in Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel. I was really looking forward to this one! I'd always been a fan of its products. I buy them in my local organic health shop. And I thought it was about time I got to know them a little better.

About Santaverde

Santaverde's secret is its aloe vera gel, which is rich in active agents and made through controlled biological cultivation. None of the brand's products are water-based, as is the norm, but instead are made of the plant's juices, which are full of natural moisturising qualities. Its founder Sabine Beer first discovered the healing effect that fresh aloe vera had on her dry, inflamed skin in Spain in 1985.

Aloe vera juice contains antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. This combination has a particularly powerful effect on irritated skin. It doesn't just provide moisture, it rejuvenates and calms the skin so that it can bring itself back into a healthy balance. Ever since this discovery, the ancient healing plant, aloe vera, has been cultivated on a dedicated plantation in Andalusia.

The Santaverde treatments in the brand's very first spa in Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel combines the soothing and moisturising effect of aloe vera with skilful application, organic luxury and sheer pampering. Skin that's been exposed to the sun can really benefit from the spa's unique treatments.

Die  Santaverde Behandlungen

I always love treating myself to a facial, but, on holiday, I’m all about complete and utter relaxation, so I went for the Deep Cleansing Scrub Peel. There’s no better way to kick off a summer holiday. Enriched with sea salt, cane sugar and Santaverde massage oil, the invigorating peeling massage kick-starts more than just your circulation: the fine granules remove all the dead skin, making your tan look healthier and more glowing, whilst also enabling your skin to absorb nutrients more easily. They make the peel fresh for you in the spa, and supplement it with essential oils of your choosing. So, your treatment is tailored to you.

You leave not only with a sense of complete relaxation, but also with wonderfully soft, smooth skin and one big fat grin as you gaze down on the views of the beautiful bay below – the spa's final treat!

OK, I'll admit it – I couldn't resist a facial too! The Beauty Boost Lift & Protect Treatment comes with something truly special: enormous fresh aloe vera leaves, which are cooled in order to give an instant lift. The treatment also boosts the skin's collagen with a Lift & Peel Enzyme Mask with fresh pineapple and also helps to create an even complexion. These 60 minutes will extend your holiday vibe by at least a week!

Weitere Highlights

Besides the brilliant first-of-its-kind Santaverde Spa with its exemplary service, the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel has a whole lot more to offer. It has an idyllic outdoor pool area with palm and olive trees, as well as a cocktail bar set in a picturesque courtyard that opens out onto the port and the sea. Plus, it boasts the wonderful Neni restaurant, and a superb sauna facility, which everyone should visit during a stay on the island. The restaurant and the spa are not just available to hotel guests: anyone looking for some relaxation time is welcome to use them.

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