Diving adventures in Port de Sóller

Diving Trip! The main destination everybody thinks about when talking about diving are probably the Maldives, Thailand or Bali and rather not Mallorca. And I have to admit that I thought the same until - fortunately - two years ago I learned that I was wrong. That's why at the end of April, I went back to Port de Sóller in the west of the island of Mallorca - right in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains. Some may know the area from road cycling, hiking or from the old "wooden track" that can be reached from Palma via Sóller to the picturesque harbor of Port de Sóller.

Sóller Divers

I chose the Sóller Divers because their website directly appealed to me - and it was the best decision. The dive center is located at the end of the harbor on the jetty directly on the crystal clear water. Roberto, the leader, and his team at the diving school are super nice, they put a lot of emphasis on small groups and they're all eager to make your diving experience unforgettable. I felt comfortable immediately walking into their store. The equipment is well maintained and safety is a big issue for them. But really what blowed me away were the dive spots along the rocky cliffs.

Who needs the Maldives?

Sure, for those who are expecting the Maldives underwater with bathing temperatures, could be a bit disappointed (especially at the end of April). But with spots that are not accessible by land and captivate by visibilities of 40 - 50 meters (which are not uncommon here by the way), Mallorca does not have to hide in terms of diving quality. What you see here are mainly impressive rock formations above and below water, caves, barracuda schools, groupers, octopus and a variety of colorful snails. If you are lucky, you can even see tuna shooting through the water.

Port de Sóller - Perfect spot with a dive or without

Port de Sóller is worth a visit even if you don't dive. You can spoil yourself in the harbor and along the entire promenade with great culinary, you can then get rid of the calories by biking, hiking or on a short trip to the lighthouse again. By the way, the lighthouse is a fabulous spot for incredible views of the Mediterranean, the Tramuntana mountains and the bay with the harbor. What I missed in Port de Sóller is a modern, cool hotel where I could feel comfortable. Therefore, during one of my forays through the village, I was all the more curious about the construction site of the new Bikini Hotel in Port de Sóller. In addition to the painting of the colorful rooms, I could take a look at the promising pool bar and the huge roof terrace of the restaurant and get a taste of the fresh sangria. The view from up there over the bay must be breathtaking especially in the evening, and I'm sure that in the hotel will be a special treat for design-lovers. On my next trip, I will certainly visit the hotel and enjoy a meal on the terrace.

If you can skip the Ballermann and prefer to be in the middle of the magnificent Tramuntana mountains with some original flair, I can only recommend Port de Sóller. I am very excited to come back soon.

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