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If you’re going to Bikini*
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you’re going to Bikini
You’re gonna meet some gentle people there

This past week, we spent some days in Mallorca. And no, not the Mallorca that you might be thinking of right now. We spent a week in the Serra de Tramuntana, UNESCO world heritage and the most beautiful area of this island. In the midst of impressive mountain scenarios, this area in the north of the island is a Mekka for bikers, hikers and mountain lovers. Situated only about 20 minutes drive away from Palma, it is also the most perfect location to visit during springtime. Everywhere, the scent of orange blossoms can be noticed and at the same time, the trees are hanging ripe and full of fresh lemons and oranges. It feels a little bit like paradise, indeed, when you walk through old and wonderful mountain villages, then sitting down for a cup of coffee and enjoying the warm sunshine on your nose.

The Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel

Behind the mountains and directly located in the beautiful seaport of Port de Sóller, we had the chance to discover the unique Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel. A very special hotel…

We have visited many unique and wonderful hotels in our life, but Bikini is different and unbelievable. Everything in this hotel feels like a Hippie-Mekka of 1968 and we kept asking ourselves: have we actually landed in Mallorca or in San Francisco and when will we meet Janis Joplin for the first time ’round here? After all, rattan, knotted carpets, macrame and many more natural materials create a wonderful retreat to relax and calm your inner self.

You can find Hippie-vibes everywhere at Bikini: the stairs from the harbor to the hotel are decorated with quotes from famous songs of generation 68, intermingled with hand-painted flower decor. The ground of the large pool is adorned with a peace-sign made of painted flowers and in every room of the hotel, the ceiling is also showing a hand-painted sign of the peace-movement…

Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen
Warm my mind near your gentle stove
Turn me out and I’ll wander baby
Stumblin‘ in the neon groves

From the speakers, in comfortable volume, The Doors are playing, while we are sitting in the sun, sipping on an alcohol-free cocktail. Could it be any better? Perhaps, during a tasty dinner at the in-house NENI Mallorca Port de Sóller, that we are already thinking of during lunch-time. But the food in this Israel-inspired restaurant is really great, and we can’t help of dreaming of tasty Hummus, Falafel and Shakshuka, while enjoying an incredible view of the bay of Port de Sóller…

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