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There are people who only wish to relax during their holiday. Laying by the pool with a cold drink and reading a good book, nothing else. I do like that, too, no question! But sometimes, Max and I need some action, too. And for all of you who feel the same, we have created this blog post today. It will be all about the different activities you can do in and nearby Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel in Port de Sóller. Everyone should be able to find something of their liking among these, don’t you think?!

Discovering the mountains with e-bikes or mountain bikes

Mallorca is paradise for bikers. Riding along steep and narrow roads through beautiful mountain scenery? No problem! Or would you rather go a little more relaxed and ride an e-bike along the gorgeous roads through the mountains? It’s also possible. At Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels, you may rent high-class Stevens Bikes for free and discover the area on two wheels.

Do some Yoga or book a Yoga-retreat

Starting the day with a session of “Good-Morning-Yoga” or attending the “Welcome-Evening-Yoga” class after your arrival? Sure, at Bikini, there is the perfect course for every Yogi. Or, why don’t you book a Yoga-retreat right away? Here, you’ll find a list of all upcoming retreats.

Hiking through the mountains

Each time that Max and I are visiting Mallorca, we go hiking. Not professionally, of course, but we love walking off the beaten track, discovering new areas by foot and simply finding out how far we can go. In the Serra de Tramuntana, where the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel is located, you’ll also find super nice official hiking roads that will take you down the most breathtaking landscape. Definitely a must-do! You’ll find more information on the best hiking roads near the hotel right here.

Trying out Stand Up Paddling

Who of you has already tried SUP (Stand Up Paddling)? For us, it was the first time and honestly, we had SO much fun! But the bay of Port de Sóller is also really perfect for this kind of sport. You may find all details on SUP and all other possible kinds of water sports in and around Bikini right here.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz…?!” That’s what Janis Joplin did ask years ago, already. If you can’t afford buying a Mercedes, though, you may at least rent one for free at Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels. Isn’t that fantastic? But you better book it in advance, so you are sure to get it. And then, you may drive along the beautiful mountain roads and feel true freedom when you open up the roof of your convertible!

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